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French Revolution and Nationalism - 1411 Words

â€Å"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.† From 1789 onward, this was the basic guideline of the French Revolution. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, and the French Directory that correlates to the Napoleonic Code, established this statement of liberalism throughout Europe. These factors, combined with Napoleon’s beliefs in liberalism and unity, lead many European nations – including the Germanic and Italian states – to develop a strong sense of nationalism. The French Revolution was the beginning of not only French nationalism, but nationalism across Europe. Based off of Enlightenment thought, the passing of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in 1789 was the beginning for this nationalistic movement. From†¦show more content†¦To make this purpose successful was by encouraging â€Å"active† political participation, and civil liberty (2, pg 130). Although the Directory had a set goal, outside forces were still trying to take over the new government. The Loyalists believed in returning to an absolute monarchy, and Jacobins who still favoured a republic (1, 473). These two parties attempted to maintain power throughout the entire period of the Directory (1, 474). As a result of this, in 1799, one of the directors named Abbà © Sieyà ¨s overthrew the Directory (1, 474-475). He believed France needed an official executive authority, instead of being positioned in between the two parties (1, pg 474). Wi th the growing popularity of the army, he contacted General Napoleon Bonaparte (1, pg 475). This created an opportunity for Napoleon’s rise to power, becoming the first Consul of France, and creating an empire. The period of the Directory was critical. It played an important role in recovering from the Terror, and led way for Napoleon’s rise to power in __ (5, pg 60). With Napoleon’s leadership, nationalism began to take its ultimate form. Napoleon Bonaparte agreed with the Directory that education was key to creating liberty and equality amongst all citizens. He believed schooling could create a nationalistic movement, through teaching â€Å"secular values.† (1, pg 495) In 1802 heShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Nationalism In The French Revolution1501 Words   |  7 PagesThe nationalism is considered as a very powerful force in creating many nations in the world. Nationalism can bring brings people together and feel themselves as belong to one nation. Fun damentally, when people belongs to common culture, language, history and same geographical land, are living together and, they create a nation. According to Otto, Dann, â€Å"nation in the old Latin sense, meant people of the same origin, the most common criteria for a nation were shared a language and history†. In caseRead MoreWays in Which the French Revolution had a Lasting Impact on France853 Words   |  4 Pagesresult of the French Revolution. This in itself shows that the revolution had a major impact on France. It played a significant role in changing France through, for example, the new definition of nationalism, the abolition of the monarchy and the abolition of feudalism. Whether these changes succeeded in modernising France or resulted in something that was not any better than pre-revolutionary times is what will be discussed in more detail using the above three examples. Nationalism did exist, toRead More The French Revolution and the Concept of Nation and Liberty Essay914 Words   |  4 PagesThe French revolution occurred between the years 1789 and 1799 and it was characterized by a period of radical political and social upheavals, whose impacts were felt both in France and the entire continent of Europe. Groups such as the political activists, peasants in the country side and the masses on the streets continually led a sustained assault against what had become the aristocratic and religious privileges orchestrated by the ruling monarchy. It is argued in some quarters that the FrenchRead MoreNationalism and War Essay1087 Words   |  5 PagesNationalism and War Does nationalism have a relationship with the causes of the wars between 1792 and 1914? This can be disputed through the events of the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the unification struggles of Germany and Italy in the late 1800’s, the Alliance systems of the late 1800’s and the assassination of the Austrian archduke before the outbreak of World War 1. During the French Revolution in 1792, an effort was made to remove Austrian presence from French lands. ThisRead MoreThe Impact Of Nationalism1325 Words   |  6 Pages Nationalism is a sense of putting one’s country before themselves and everything else due to common cultures, languages and other customs. It has been a part of the way modern history has been shaped since the late 18th century with Napoleon, all the way to present day. As one historian wrote, Nationalism is a â€Å"Political outlook†¦that a nation is composed of people who are joined together by the bonds of a common language†¦customs, culture, and history† (9/13/17). Nationalism has shaped the historyRead MoreNationalism Of Nationalism1186 Words   |  5 Pagesindependence for many reasons. Nationalism being one because it gives people the idea that their nation deserves more than what is being given to them or not agree with with the form of rule from a controlling nation. â€Å"National ism is the ideology based on the premise that the individual’s loyalty and devotion to the nation-state surpass other individual or group interests, advocacy of political independence for a particular country †(Webster 3). During the course of history nationalism has led many groups ofRead MoreDiscuss How Nationalism Spread Across Europe with Napoleon but Was Repressed for a Generation Under the Congress of Vienna and Concert of Europe Until the Revolutions of 1848876 Words   |  4 PagesNationalism was formed with the idea that a nation is made up of people who are joined together by common language, customs, cultures and history. It held the belief that one should be loyal to the people of their nation, not a king or empire. Nationalists believed that people of a single nationality should unite under a single government. The concept of Nationalism emerged in the French Revolution and was spread to the rest of Europe by Napoleon’s conquests. Nationalism was used by NapoleonRead MoreEssay on Kedouries Nationalism602 Words   |  3 PagesIn his book Nationalism (1960), Elie Kedourie describes nationalism as a doctrine invented in Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century, emphasizing the artificial character of this ideology that combines the political idea of self-government with anthropological notions of shared national characteristics. To understand the development of nationalism, Kedourie looks back into some events and ideas that form the history and set the background for the creation of the ideology. KedourieRead MoreThe Quiet Revolution and its Negative Impact on Quebec1598 Words   |  7 PagesIn Canadian history, nationalism and sovereignty tend to be common themes prevalent since Confederation. A well-known example of this in Quebec was during the Quiet Revolution which strengthened the need for change through Premier Lesage’s reforms and in turn, developed a strong sense of nationalism in Quebec. In contrast to beliefs that the rapid modernization of the Quiet Revolution had a positive impact on Quebec, it rather had a negative impact on Quebec and its citizens and identity. The threeRead MoreThe Conflict Between France And Germany During The Franco War887 Words   |  4 Pagesnew German Empire started. The unification of Germany demonstrated the nationalism between these countries. The negative reaction of France led to the ruins of Paris, the high human cost and a big revolution between these nations. France lost the control over the entire Europe. Prussia became the leading country in the German imperial and it dominated the entire Europe. According to the encyclopedia Britannica, nationalism is â€Å"a movement in history when people have established territorial authorities†¦

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Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe - 1253 Words

Throughout the late 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, most of Africa faced a number of invasions from the British. Their culture and traditions were altered to meet the goals of Britain. Chinua Achebe’s book, Things Fall Apart, is set in a Nigerian town where the British government had taken over. The main character, Okonkwo, is followed as the story progresses and shows how the new leaders were constantly battling against the indigenous people of the village. The book maps out the change from colonialism to imperialism in Africa during this time period. Although not all of the transitioning was through brute force and exiling, the Africans still had little to no free will in what happened. Their entire way of life was†¦show more content†¦Others, however, helped the British take over and invade these places. The Europeans began to do whatever they wanted because they were stronger militarily and by the early 1900’s, most of Africa had been col onized . It was not long until the colonized areas began to show signs of imperialism. The British were in charge and oversaw everything that went on in the countries and although their main interests were for commercial and humanitarian reasons the outcomes did not reflect it. There were extreme diplomatic pressures and military force that turned aggressive in the late 1800’s when slavery was abolished. Britain took part in the slave trade in order to gain access to the country and its offerings so when slavery was now against the law, they did not have as much control. Village customs, stories, and traditions were lost because the British sought to put people where they wanted and combined numerous tribes into one. Wars broke out between African tribes because they were forced to work alongside each other as well as share their languages. In Things Fall Apart, the narrator says, â€Å"And at last the locusts did descend. They settled on every tree on every blade of grass, they settled on the roofs and covered the bare ground. Mighty tree branches broke away under them, and the whole country became the brown-earth colour of the vast, hungry swarm† . Locusts are mentioned many times throughout the

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How Globalization And Crime And Attitudes Towards Crime

. Discuss globalization and crime A. What is Globalization? Globalization is a unique process which has resulted in the linking of different national economies and local cultures into one global system and significant intensification of worldwide social relations. Development in transportation and infrastructure, as well as technological advancement promoted global interconnectedness and interdependence, having removed the barriers separating the world. Globalization is a fairly recent phenomenon, and as Fichtelberg pointed out, it affects virtually everyone almost everywhere. (Fichtelberg, 2008, p. 3) People all over the world are absorbing aspects of other cultures and lifestyles, through sharing of ideas, food, and entertainment. Globalization intertwined local and global, local neighborhoods are being influenced by world money and commodity markets, operating at an indefinite distance away from that neighborhood itself. (Franko, 2013, p. 3) B. How has globalization influenced crime and attitudes towards crime? Since there is hardly a sphere of life not affected by globalization, criminals have globalized themselves too. They embraced the changes brought up by globalization and have been successfully using them to their advantage. Globalization has opened new horizons for the criminals and has given them more opportunities to engage in illicit activity. Distance and state borders are not barriers for criminal activity anymore. New types of crime, such as cybercrime haveShow MoreRelatedPoverty, Immigration, Social Welfare, And Imprisonment, By Robert Crutchfield And David Pettinicchio1161 Words   |  5 PagesThe first article, â€Å"Cultures of Inequality: Ethnicity, Immigration, Social Welfare, and Imprisonment†, uses statistical analysis to discuss how race effects poverty, immigration, and welfare in heterogeneous and homogenous countries. The authors, Robert Crutchfield and David Pettinicchio, present two people that had theories on the culture of poverty. They were Banfield and Murray. President Bill Clinton praised Murray’s analysis by claiming that it was correct in all areas, but that his resolutionsRead MoreImmigration And Globalization1734 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction How does immigration impact an individual’s likelihood to identify with a national identity, or a larger global identity? Does immigration, a component of globalization, impact one identity more than another? These questions are increasingly relevant with the well-documented rise of European nationalist parties, but there are still questions about whether these are empirically connected phenomena. Immigration, a facet of globalization, is widely discussed, as well as other impactsRead MoreThe Syrian Refugee Crises And Rhetoric From A Small Boy s Body Being Washed Up On A Beach1206 Words   |  5 Pagesa high influx of refugees entering different countries xenophobia is resurfacing. Xenophobia has been prominent since the old customs and foundation to Nazism and Fascism. It started to die down but has resurged due new migration patterns and globalization. The Syrian refugee crises and rhetoric from far-right political parties’ have definitely made xenophobia stronger among people. After the Paris Attack, Marine Le Pen, the head of the ultra-conservative National Front party, vouched to â€Å"kick outRead MoreI Believe You Can Fly : Basketball Culture Essay1425 Words   |  6 PagesJournals: #12 Chapter 1 â€Å"I believe You Can Fly† : Basketball Culture in Postsocialist China Today’s Chinese basketball culture reflects the language of globalization. Basketball is a huge cultural sport and importance of understanding in Chinese modernity. Basketball was introduced by YMCA instructor in Tianjin. In addition, basketball has become a new form of engagement with modernity. In China basketball kind of play a huge role in market. Many people are centralized to the NBA or CBA, it is aRead MoreClassism in North America1216 Words   |  5 Pagesword Classis. The word was originally created by Servius Tullius in one of the six orders into which he used to divide the Roman people for the purpose of taxation. Those words together make the word Classism which means a biased or discriminatory attitude based on distinctions made between social or economic classes (classism. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 20 Jan. 2012. In this essay I will enlighten why ClassismRead MoreThe Effec ts Of Excessive Police Violence On Citizen Crime Reporting Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesPurpose This study examines how incidents of excessive police violence influence citizen crime reporting. As our main case study, we examine one of Milwaukee’s most publicized moments of police brutality: the 2004 beating of an unarmed black man, Frank Jude, by white police officers. Using an interrupted time series design, we analyze patterns of police-related 911 calls before and after the Jude beating was made public in the Milwaukee press. Controlling for several neighborhood characteristicsRead MoreThe Effects Of Excessive Police Violence On Citizen Crime Reporting Essay1681 Words   |  7 PagesThis study examines how incidents of excessive police violence influence citizen crime reporting. As our main case study, we examine one of Milwaukee’s most publicized moments of police brutality: the 2004 beating of an unarmed black man, Frank Jude, by white police officers. Using an interrupted time series design, we analyze patterns of police-related 911 calls before and after the Jude beating was made public in the Milwaukee press. Controlling for several neighborhood characteristics, along withRead MoreDoes Racial Bias Affect The Lives Of Americans? Essay1593 Words   |  7 PagesAmerican subconscious.† It is apparent at this point that there are stereotypes present in sports. These stereotypes are molding how we think, leaving a heavy imprint on American society. Beyond sports, the same impact can be seen throughout all aspects of media. Samuel Lichter, a professor of communication, and his late wife Linda Lichter, a sociologist, did research about how TV shapes ethnic images at a New York High School. This high school became significant shortly after the survey due to a raciallyRead MoreJuvenile Delinquency Essay1646 Words   |  7 Pagespersonal responsibility has to be maintained, however, the statistics that show a significant relationship between socio-economic status and vulnerability to crime cannot be dismissed (Aaltonen, Kivivuori, Martikainen, 2011). Only when these blatant injustices (e.g. the gap between the rich and the poor) are compensated, a reduction of crime can be achieved (Aaltonen, Kivivuori, Martikainen, 2011). However, not only economic problems cause juveniles to commit criminal acts. Also, broken familiesRead MoreShould Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay1828 Words   |  8 Pagesrejection by the society. On a more personal rather than institutional level, this paper also reveals that the culture of gay is also largely rebuked based on individual philosophies and moral standings which is precisely the min reason as to why hate crimes against gays have in the past found a substantive projection. In the American socio-cultural fabric, the emergence of gays has generated a continuous debate about gay marriage; essentially whether it should be legalized or not. The debate has pitted

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Organizational Analysis Outline free essay sample

Organizational Analysis Outline BY calla82 Region Analysis Regional alliances and economic integration Russia, USA, East Asian Nations (Australia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand) is part of the regional alliances. Economic integration is China is growing at an extremely fast pace and needs to open its market up to imports. The physical environment and its effect on trade China accounts for 23% of world population, is the third largest country, third largest diverse population, Communists country, and has an increasing effect on global trading. Political stability China is currently the most stable country, but is also considered a growing country. This is due to the majority of Chinas population earning less than poverty. Compared to established countries such as USA, Japan, and United Kingdom China is still in the process of establishing its presence. China also exports vast amounts of goods, imports very little, and is self reliant. Economic conditions The global recession has slowed down Chinas economic growth by effecting investment demand which has weakened. The global recession has also increased ifficulties in production, and is responsible for falling revenues and profits for businesses. Finance options available Private investors and banks such as the Central Peoples Bank of China are available options for financing. Social, health, and environmental conditions Environmental conditions are suffering dramatically due to the overwhelming amount of pollution China generates. Chinas ability to sustain such pollution by setting regulations and enforcing such regulations has not kept up with the growth of China. Such pollutions are air pollution, diminishing biodiversity, fisheries deletion, nvasive species, land degradation, soil erosion, and water pollution and shortages. Health conditions have improved increasing life expectancy and decreasing infant and maternal deaths. However, hospitals are over crowded and are unable to provide quality and quantity care. Hospitals and service providers depend on user fees and profits from drug sales for most of its income, thus making healthcare reform a priority for the government. Chinas social conditions are residents living in the city earn almost four times that of someone living in the country. The urban-rural income inequality is the worst in the world. The same holds true for the differential in life expectancy, literacy rate and regional imbalances. Great amount of protests have turn violent due to such valid grievances by residents of China. Terrorism threats Present but not uncontrollable. Is not a major target for terrorists plots? Part B Country Analysis Political Stability China is for the most part politically stable. Since 1979, China has been trying to put together a proper legal system which has resulted in political problems. After he Cultural Revolution, Chinas leaders aimed to develop a legal system to restrain abuses of official authority and revolutionary excesses. In 1982, the National Peoples which even party leaders are theoretically held accountable (U. S. Department of State, 2009). Economic Conditions China is a heavily populated country and is one of the largest countries for global manufacturing. China has become a preferred destination for the rel ocation of global manufacturing facilities. Its strength as an export platform has contributed to incomes and employment in China (U. S. Department of State, 2009). The people in this country work hard and have made this country the largest in agricultural and industrial sales. The growth of new businesses has outpaced the governments ability to regulate them so this causes problems in the economy. Businesses have a lot of competition with poor oversight so they have to take major steps to increase their profit margins and this means at the expense of consumer safety. Social, Health, and Environmental Condition and their Effect on Trade Chinas rapid industrial development is having some serious negative effects on heir countries environment. China has surpassed the United States as being one of the largest polluted countries and this is due to a large amount of carbon dioxide in the air and greenhouse gases. A World Health Organization report on air quality in 272 cities worldwide concluded that seven of the worlds 10 most polluted cities were in China. According to Chinas own evaluation, two-thirds of the 338 cities for which air-quality data are available are considered pollutedtwo-thirds of them moderately or severely so (U. S. Department of State, 2009). This pollution has such a severe ffect on their population that the biggest cause of death in China is heart and respiratory diseases caused from air pollution. Half of the cities in China lack clean water and most of the bodies of water are contaminated. China is becoming more concerned with this problem and making it a priority to correct because it costs a large amount of money in pollution cost and is affecting their economy. Though China may have this environmen tal problem it does not affect the trade situation with the U. S. Trade is a big and the U. S. does an average of 71. 5 billion dollars in exports and imports with China. In November 1991, China Joined the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group, which promotes free trade and cooperation in the economic, trade, investment, and technology spheres (U. S. Department of State, 2009). Cultural Considerations When doing business with the Chinese, there is a proper cultural etiquette that will ensure business is conducted properly and with respect. According to Winters (2008), Eye contact is very necessary and important to the Chinese. Always address your Chinese counterpart with their title and last name. Wait for them to initiate formal greetings. Do not assume when the nod it is in agreement. Do not show excessive emotions while conducting business; it is not polite to give direct negative answers like no, say maybe, or Ill think about it. Chinese culture is often difficult for westerners to understand. In business practice, the concept of guanxi is important. Guanxi, which literally means relationships or connections, is the network of elaborate relationships that promote cooperation and trust between businesses and individuals. Traditionally in China, relationships between business partners are based on guanxi (PathwaysLocalization, 2009). Part C: Organization and product analysis A small startup company located in San Antonio, Tx interested in modest profits by specializing in one product. The product is a win-win for buyers and sellers with the approach of marketing and selling smoking alternatives. This may not be a get-rich- quick product, but the gradual yet steady increase of public interest makes this venture a good time to Jump in. Needs assessment in the United States For many years there has been a push to rid the United States of cigarettes and their dangers. The mighty tobacco industry keeps it alive and still going today. Even though there are few smoking areas left, the die-hards keep puffing away. An alternative for smokers and those in danger of second hand smoke is the electronic cigarette. The desire is apparent by the growing interest and sells in the past two years. Smokers want an alternative and nonsmokers want a less offensive way for smokers to have their vice. Although there are hundreds of websites available for information and purchase, there is a need for a clearer, more concise approach to marketing. There is also a need for less expensive products. Description of Electronic Cigarette Although there are hundreds of different styles, models, sizes, etc. , the easiest and most reliable model is one made by Joy Global in China. These can be purchased wholesale through them directly, but only in bulks of 100 or more. There is another company which sales the same product for Just a little more initially, but pricing goes down the more times you order and there is not a minimum order required. This company is called Heavens Gifts and is also in China. Because this company does pricing in U. S. dollars, this makes it easy and convenient to purchase from there.

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Reverse Outline free essay sample

Topic Sentence: In examining Kurt Vonnengut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, we can illuminate the faults in Weisenburger’s theory of satire dichotomy, as well as illuminate the nature of the satirical qualities of Slaughterhouse-Five itself. Function: This is the thesis of Gil Henkin’s essay â€Å"Steven Weisenburger and the Big Scary Normative Value: An Exercise in Postmodern Posturing. † Its function is to provide the main idea which the author will argue thorough the essay. 2 Topic Sentence: Weisenburger rejects the concept of the dichotomy between a â€Å"good† and a â€Å"bad† example, yet in rejecting this moral polarization, he presents degenerative as good as opposed to inherently evil generative. Function: This paragraph serves to illustrate Weisenburger’s ideas. The author talks about Weisenburger’s view on generative and degenerative literature and why he thinks there is no middle ground between these two forms of satire. This paragraph also functions as a foundation for using Slaughterhouse-Five to strengthen author’s arguments. We will write a custom essay sample on Reverse Outline or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 3 Topic Sentence: The novel itself offers no normative values within its pages Function: The author uses this paragraph to show what moral position Vonnegut provides in his novel. Gil makes clear that Slaughterhouse-Five doesn’t offer author’s moral positioning. This paragraph functions as an insight into Vonnegut’s ideas and creates a contrast with previous paragraph where Weisenburger was mentioned.  ¶4 Topic Sentence: Again in this, Vonnegut is showcasing one of the main tenants of Weisenburgian contemporary satire. Function: The author brings an observation form Vonnegut’s novel and connects it with one if Weisenburger’s main ideas. This paragraph illustrates the connection between Wonnegut’s and Weisenburger’s ideas. He also illustrates how Weisenburger uses grotesque as one of his main tools.  ¶5 Topic Sentence: Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, as intimated by the title, also dabbles in the grotesque as a tool. Function: The author uses quotes from Vonnegut’s novel to illustrate the horror depicted in his story. By this author shows that grotesque is the tool Vonnegut uses frequently just like Weisenburger. I  ¶6 Topic Sentence: All the same, Vonnegut deviates from Weisenburger’s general diagnosis of satire as violence. Function: This paragraph serves to illustrate the differences between Vonnegut’s ideas and Weisenburger’s claim. Author uses a quote from Vonnegut’s novel to show how the sight of powerful destruction inspires the readers and how this idea deviates from Weisenburger’s claim in which violence supports a moral code. 7 Topic Sentence: Billy Pilgrim is at least in part playing a Christ figure. Function: The author analyzes Billy Pilgrim, the main character of Vonnegut’s novel, and claims that there are similarity between him and Christ. By analyzing Billy’s actions author is able to illustrate what makes him resemble Christ and what makes him distinct. By this author shows that there is a gross perversion of moral norm in Vonnegu t’s novel.  ¶8 Topic Sentence: This all may seem, in total, evidence that Slaughterhouse-Five is purely degenerative satire. Function: Author analyzes the specifics of Vonnegut’s novel and states that the evidence suggest it to be a degenerative form of satire. This paragraph creates an argument as to whether Slaughterhouse-Five really is a degenerative satire.  ¶9 Topic Sentence: In this sense, Vonnegut is in sense a generative satirist. Function: By analyzing several other aspects of the novel and thinking about the message Vonnegut was trying to get through the author of this essay is able to conclude that Vonnegut was in fact, a generative satirist. This paragraph serves to strengthen author’s thesis and provide an example of middle ground between generative and degenerative satire.  ¶10 Topic Sentence: Weisenburger is wrong to fear all norms. Function: In this passage author argues that Vonnegut’s novella provides baseline norms that are necessary for the society. While author partly agrees with Weisenburger that some norms create a system of conflict and violence, he states that there are norms which help prevent these conflicts. 11 Topic Sentence: Examination of Weisenburger through Slaughterhouse-Five reveals an incomplete theory on satire that cannot fully grasp the implications of the novel as a generative degenerative satire. Function: Author sums up his ideas and restates his thesis. He also states the importance of lens analysis to his essay Just analyzing Weisenburger’s ideas might not give implications on why he is incorrect. However looking at them through Slaughterhouse-Five reveal that Weisen burger can not fully grasp the middle ground generative degenerative satire.

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Index of Qualitative Variation (IQV)

Index of Qualitative Variation (IQV) The index of qualitative variation (IQV) is a measure of variability for nominal variables, such as race, ethnicity, or gender. These kinds of variables divide people by categories that cannot be ranked, unlike a variable measure of income or education, which can be measured from high to low. The IQV is based on the ratio of the total number of differences in the distribution to the maximum number of possible differences in the same distribution. Overview Let’s say, for instance, that we are interested in looking at the racial diversity of a city over time in order to see if its population has gotten more or less racially diverse, or if it has stayed the same. The index of qualitative variation is a good tool for measuring this. The index of qualitative variation can vary from 0.00 to 1.00. When all of the cases of the distribution are in one category, there is no diversity or variation, and the IQV is 0.00. For instance, if we have a distribution that consists entirely of Hispanic people, there is no diversity among the variable of race, and our IQV would be 0.00. In contrast, when the cases in a distribution are distributed evenly across the categories, there is maximum variation or diversity, and the IQV is 1.00. For example, if we have a distribution of 100 people and 25 are Hispanic, 25 are white, 25 are Black, and 25 are Asian, our distribution is perfectly diverse and our IQV is 1.00. So, if we are looking at the changing racial diversity of a city over time, we can examine the IQV year-over-year to see how diversity has evolved. Doing this will allow us to see when diversity was at its highest and at its lowest. The IQV can also be expressed as a percentage rather than a proportion. To find the percentage, simply multiply the IQV by 100. If the IQV is expressed as a percentage, it would reflect the percentage of differences relative to the maximum possible differences in each distribution. For example, if we were looking at the racial/ethnic distribution in Arizona and had an IQV of 0.85, we would multiply it by 100 to get 85 percent. This means that the number of racial/ethnic differences is 85 percent of the maximum possible differences. How To Calculate The IQV The formula for the index of qualitative variation is: IQV K(1002 – ÃŽ £Pct2) / 1002(K – 1) Where K  is the number of categories in the distribution and ÃŽ £Pct2 is the sum of all squared percentages in the distribution. There are four steps, then, to calculating the IQV: Construct a percentage distribution.Square the percentages for each category.Sum the squared percentages.Calculate the IQV using the formula above. Updated  by Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph.D.

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Portfolio Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Portfolio - Coursework Example In addition to that media aids influence issues voters should care concerning the elections and the criteria that should be used to evaluate contenders2. And my opinion is that the political life starts to conform highly to the political image portrayed on TV. Through a process known as quasi-Darwinian, scandals, events of media, and other forms of political and entertainment s eventually takes control facing out other forms of information of politics and public debate, changing the sense of public disclosure. In this manner objectives of political transparency can be beaten by what come into view as the vital mechanisms: revealing the secrets, proliferating information and holding political officials responsible for their actions. 2. A lot has been written about the culture of secrecy of late. The article says that government is keeping some information from the members of the country as believed by most Americans. Potion of the members of congress is calling for the access to the secret documents, federal agencies last to withhold a huge amount of information claiming it is crucial for the national security, upholding secrecy entrenched in the cold war3. This new book is examining who in the government is keeping what information from the public, how they do it, and why a concern to the members of the public4. Causal scholars, attorneys and journalists survey the rules of federal intellect agencies and presidents particularly Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton to ensure that information are kept secret5. My opinion is that the Currency is protected by the spirit of house hold and generally the spirit of robbery specially, and the best locks and way of hiding that can be mustered. 3. Social media is playing more and more famous role in our culture. The article says Social media became a new battle ground for the nationwide both presidential and parliamentary elections6. A horde of politicians, who at first sight it seems adequate and